learn to cave

Yorkshire Dales


During our Yorkshire caving weekend we will walk in the footsteps  of some of the earliest pioneers of caving.  Yorkshire is a fantastic place to go caving and has some of the most spectacular cave passages anywhere in the UK.  These vast Yorkshire cave systems are full of pot holes, vertical passages where the caver needs to abseil to reach passages that will lead them deeper underground. During the weekend we will teach you safe and effective techniques to descend vertical caves and explore some of Yorkshire’s best systems.

The exploration of Gaping Ghyll, a vast system beneath the slopes of Ingleborough, is for many the start of cave exploration in the UK.  In 1842 local man John Birkbeck descended 55m down the entrance shaft of Gaping Ghyll on a homemade rope ladder to find himself on a ledge starring down in to what looked like a bottomless abyss.  It wasn’t until 1895 that French cave explorer extraordinaire Edouard Martel arrived and descended over 100m to arrive at the base of the shaft in a vast underground cavern.  Since then the Yorkshire Dales around the village of Ingleton have seen extraordinary bravery and determination to find an amazing array of cave passages. Gaping Ghyll is one of the systems we will visit during our Yorkshire weekend.

During our open caving weekend we will organise caving trips, both half and full days, to explore the caves of Yorkshire.  We will make sure you will be caving with people of a similar ability and will make sure every caving trip is an adventure.  Whether you are coming alone or as part of a group we will make sure everyone feels welcome and involved. We stay in the Youth Hostel in Ingleton during the weekend. Ingleton is a traditional Yorkshire village with lots of pubs, cafes to eat in, or self catering is available at the hostel.  If you would prefer to organise your own accommodation you can simply meet us for caving adventures during the day.  As well as caving adventures on both days of the weekend we are able to organise climbing  and walking trips for partners or if you would prefer a mixture of activities during the weekend.

The cost for two days of caving is £120 per person (maximum group size of 6, if we have more than six cavers we will break into smaller groups with other instructors). This does not include the cost of the hostel.

Am I fit enough?

The caves we visit in Yorkshire all have a significant level of physical challenge. In many of the cave systems we will be abseiling and climbing ropes using SRT (“Single Rope Technique”). Previous caving experience is recommended.