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Intro To Caving

If you've never been in a cave before a half day's caving is an ideal way to come and have a go.

If you’ve never been in a cave before a half day’s caving is an ideal way to come and have a go. We start any caving session by talking and understanding what you want to get out of a caving trip and then do our best to give you a great time. Caving can be as physical and challenging as you want it to be. The two caves we use on our half day sessions are Swildons Hole and Goatchurch Cavern, both of which have many routes through them allowing us to tailor the level of difficulty.

You will be given a protective oversuit, a helmet and a light and if you need us to we can also supply you a pair of wellies. In Goatchurch you will remain completely dry, however in Swildons Hole part of the underground journey will involve us scrambling back up an underground river so you will need to bring some spare clothes.

Who comes on our Intro to Caving sessions?

  • Families – Goatchurch is suitable for children of all ages (minimum age is 5) and is great fun with challenges for everyone. Swildons Hole is slightly more difficult and significantly wetter (minimum age is 10)
  • Birthdays – from 7 to 70 we have helped groups of friends and families have an adventure together as part of a birthday celebration
  • Dates – Caving is different and exciting and sort of indoors! Our weekday evening trips are particularly popular with couples, it doesn’t matter if it’s wet and cold outside the caves are always the same temperature.
  • And finally people who just want to know what lies beneath their feet.

We don’t need to limit things to half a day. If you are fit and you’ve got a change of clothes we can tackle Goatchurch in the morning and after lunch we can explore Swildons Hole where we will get soaking wet scrambling up waterfalls as we climb back out of the cave, a full day of fun and adventure.

caving times

Session Times

10:00 - 13:00

14:00 - 17:00

18:45 - 21:45

weekday evenings

10:00 - 16:30

full day

caving price


Half Day

£35 per person

minimum of 4 people, £140


£35 per person

minimum of 2 people, £70

Full Day

£70 per person

minimum of 3 people